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Happier Human

Step into a personalized coaching experience designed to make you 1% better every day. The Happier Human program from With Heart Coaching is your gateway to a life filled with more positivity, gratitude, and achievement.

  • Personalized Weekly Calls (9am & 2pm EST/6am & 11am PST - join either or both!): Dive into weekly sessions that focus on your personal aspirations, helping you set impactful goals, build lasting habits, and maintain motivation.
  • Monthly Goals and Intentions: Each month, set a clear, specific goal related to a chosen aspect of life and anchor your efforts with a one-word intention that inspires and guides you.
  • Engaging Reads: Broaden your perspective and enhance your knowledge with a thought-provoking book each month, chosen to complement your personal growth journey.
  • Effective Tracking Tools: Keep your growth consistent with our custom goal and habit trackers, empowering you to visualize and achieve your daily improvements.
  • Dynamic Monthly Challenges: Embrace new challenges each month, each focusing on a different aspect of life, designed to push you further toward your potential.

The Happier Human program is not just about achieving goals—it's about transforming your life, one day at a time. Join us and embark on a path that celebrates your growth and happiness, every step of the way.