Starting June 25, 2024

Forever Real Estate Client

The Forever Real Estate Client is an essential 7-week program that delivers the proven strategies that Skye used over a 23-year sales career so that YOU can develop a robust portfolio of forever clients who will use you and advocate for you. 

  • Client Advocacy:¬†Cultivate strong relationships that transform clients into your most powerful promoters.
  • Create Listing¬†Inventory:¬†Focus on nurturing your sphere to organically grow your client base and enhance real estate listings.
  • Streamline CRM Data:¬†Learn to efficiently manage and utilize extensive client data to maximize your outreach and impact.
  • Predictable Success:¬†Implement routines and rituals that consistently create deep, meaningful connections with both existing clients and new prospects.¬†

By the end of this program, you'll be equipped to create hundreds of "Forever Real Estate Clients"‚ÄĒpeople who trust you implicitly, refer you enthusiastically, and are key to building a thriving real estate business focused on high-quality, trusting sellers and buyers.

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$1,500 for 7 week course

  • Starting¬†June 25, 2024 at 1pm EST
  • Two calls per week¬†¬†
    • 1 training session on Tuesdays for 45 min with a 15 min work session immediately following¬†
    • 1 open office hour¬†Q&A session on Thursdays for 45 min a week
  • Key Learning Objectives - create reliable and effective systems for the following:
    • CRM - organizing and categorizing¬†your CRM
    • Marketing Plan - 12 week marketing plan for¬†your business
    • Social Media - interacting with¬†your Portfolio of Clients via social media
    • Events - holding small and large events
    • Gifting -¬†consistent & meaningful¬†
    • ¬†Portfolio Reviews - sending people who own homes a portfolio review for their property
    • Action Plans - action plans or reminders that¬†you use to maintain connection with¬†your clients for real estate interaction AND personal interactions
    • Routines, Rituals and Accountability - individualized routines, rituals and accountability to maintain and stay in touch with¬†your Portfolio of Clients¬†
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